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Cool D&d Campaign Ideas

Redditor daneruu’s campaign idea is centered on an evil, superstar bard. Below are short blurbs on each world to get your brain juices flowing and a few adventure ideas (because a world ain’t worth playing in if it doesn’t have adventure).

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Ideas that play with the usual things that happen in a classical adventure but change them in a certain way.

Cool d&d campaign ideas. This campaigns regularly shows up on list of the best campaigns, and for good reason. The lost city is another classic campaign from the early days of d&d. Maybe he starts off as a patron, offering missions before he's revealed to be evil.

A phantom river barge sails past a small town once per month, leaving malevolent, supernatural occurrences in its wake. On last night's live stream we created 15 d&d adventure ideas for dungeon masters to use in their campaigns. A good homebrew idea i had was for an all evil campaign where the setting is an old giant volcanic mountain with two cities, devils deep in the bowels made by the dwarves and gods reach at the peak in the old basin of the volcano made by humans and elves, in between these two cities is a range of tunnels and caverns that make up the slum city of purgatory, this third city is completely lawless.

Creating a d&d campaign is a long process, in this part we will discuss the first step: News spreads that a dragon was slain while away from his cave, a search for its unguarded hoard is underway. D&d plot & endgame suggestions for better & more unique adventures.

A thief has stolen a powerful item from a lich and then joins the party for protection. The beginning of a new dungeons and dragons campaign is a beautiful thing. This article is about creating campaigns and when you create a campaign, you don't come up 100% with new ideas for everything because there's already a system defined for races, classes, weapons,etc.

Here are some plot ideas that can make for better and unique d&d adventures. Either you’ve finally taken the plunge (or been gently shoved by your adventuring party) behind the screen and it’s your first dming, or you’re a tried and true dungeon master searching for your group’s next journey. Rat catchers are going missing under the city and a plague is spreading in their.

I'd also recommend taking a look at chapter 4 of complete warrior. See more ideas about d&d, dungeons and dragons, dungeons and dragons homebrew. What would be more appropriate for this blog than a list of five campaign world ideas for d&d?

15 free d&d adventure ideas. Roughly stack a few pieces of the foam, glue with wood glue, and run wood skewers through all the pieces. You know the really cool ideas that you sometimes have, that at the same time sound strange and silly but would probably work really well for a oneshot or short campaign.

Craft a plan and see where your players take the show. The endgame of dungeons & dragons adventures can make or break campaigns. The foam is blue or pink and is very tough.

War campaign ideas heroes of battle does have some really great stuff; The ideas are listed below, and you can also download a pdf which contains all of them. I would say anything that introduces a cool villain who will stick around for a good portion of the campaign.

An event that's memorable for everyone at the table and that draws the player characters together as a party. A witch's curse is causing a farmer's crops and livestock to die. By the way, my live streams happen almost every friday at 6 pm eastern us time on my youtube channel, the dm lair.

5 d&d campaign ideas and pitches for your classic 5e campaign by drake · published may 11, 2020 · updated september 9, 2020 since we got so much great feedback on our last campaign pitch article, i figured we’d go ahead and spin off some more ideas, focusing this time on the classic d&d experience. A wizard/collector wants a live troll to study. The assassin's guild is planning to kill the mayor.

Or maybe he's obviously a bad guy, but is in a position of power and authority such that the pcs can't touch him. 75 d&d campaign kickoff ideas posted on august 1, 2020 march 10, 2021 by [email protected] last night on my live stream, we brainstormed a massive list of alternative ways to begin a d&d campaign besides starting in a tavern. Use a small sharp knife to score marks across the foam (if you’re under 18 have an adult score the marks for you).

Below is a list of campaign ideas to get your party started. A local ruler is suspected of making a pact with a powerful devil or demon. Break the foam into varying sizes.

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